Bucket Backpack

storets-denim-jacket storets-denim-jacket storets-denim-jacket storets-denim-jacket storets-denim-jacket storets-denim-jacket Colette by Colette Hayman Bucket Backpack | Colette by Colette Hayman Choker | Storets Denim Jacket | Tee-shirt | A Brand Jeans | Glassons Round Sunglasses

A bucket bag that doubles as a backpack… freaking genius. I’ve been wearing this bag ever since I got it. It has a removable handle and the cutest tassel for added detail. The size is quite good too so I can fit my headphones in there, a pair of thongs (flip flops), my bikini (because you know I’m going to the beach) and other essentials like sunscreen and a book.

This is my ideal look for a long weekend, which is coming up this weekend! Yay! A distressed, oversized denim jacket over my fave pair of black denim shorts and a tee. So basic and so perfect. And let’s not forget the circle choker, the ultimate accessory to elevate any basic look! The back pack gives it that extra relaxed look we all need for a weekend getaway. Let me know what your long weekend plans are!

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

Mejuri Forest

jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-mejuri-elliatt jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-mejuri-elliatt jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-mejuri-elliatt jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-mejuri-elliatt jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-mejuri-elliatt jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-mejuri-elliatt jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-mejuri-elliatt Mejuri Necklace | Mejuri Choker | Elliatt Playsuit (similar here) | Wanted x Sabo Skirt Sandals | Colette by Colette Hayman Bag

If you follow me on instagram and snapchat you would have seen that I stayed in a beachside villa on Toowoon Bay on the Central Coast called Kim’s Beachside Retreat. It was such a great long weekend away and I can’t wait to show you more pics of the venue. This is one cute little outfit we shot while walking through the entrance of the resort on our way into the buffet dinner. Yummmm!

As you know I’m a huge fan of layering delicate pieces like this silver choker and necklace from Mejuri. On their site they have it layered and wrapped around a few times I’ve just styled it not layered but draped down my neck. I’ve worn it with this gorgeous low neck lace romper which is always a good idea when you’re in the tropics! Only because it’s breathable and I comfy (especially for a buffet dinner haha).

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

Seaside Dressing

glassons-nike glassons-nike glassons-nike glassons-nike glassons-nike glassons-nike Marc Bale Watch From The Peach BoxGlassons Stripe Shirt | Glassons Round Metal Glasses | Nike Court Sneakers | YSL Bag | A Brand Jeans White Mini Skirt

If you’re headed to the beach there are so many options on what you can wear, a dress, shorts, tee, singlet… but my fave at the moment has gotta be a linen/ cotton shirt and denim. I’m wearing the shirt because once you’re done for the day you can just throw it over, you don’t necessarily have to button it up, you can just wear it as a cover up and walk back to your car/ house/ villa wherever you are going without having to mess up too much of your clothes with your wet swimsuit. Another winner for the shirt is that I often lie on the beach with a something over my face, and it always end up being my clothing… and a shirt is great for that because it’s light, is breathable and has a lot of fabric.

This has also got to be my new favourite go to watch. It has a silver mesh band is doesn’t work on holes but just a clippy mechanism which I find alot easier (since I’m so uncoordinated!) And as much as I love golds and rose golds… all of my favourite ‘everyday’ rings are silver so this watch just makes so much sense! Why didn’t I get this before??

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

Echo Beach

bikini-girls bikini-girls bikini-girls bikini-girls bikini-girls bikini-girls bikini-girls bikini-girls bikini-girls bikini-girls So happy I got to shoot with the gorgeous Tori and Karina on Echo Beach in Bali, Indonesia. Was such a fun shoot and great way to document our time in Bali and capture how we don’t ever really take anything too seriously and we’re just out to have a lot of fun, see beautiful places and meet wonderful people. We’re already planning our trip back!

Jessie x

Photography by Crill Rask

One Piece Bikinis For Your Bust Type

swimwear-rottnest-island swimwear-rottnest-island swimwear-rottnest-island swimwear-rottnest-island swimwear-rottnest-island swimwear-rottnest-island swimwear-rottnest-island Karamelon Bikini | Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars | Triwa Sunnies

I’m just gonna put it out there… I’m a bit bikini obsessed. I love a good quality bikini and that includes the perfect little black one piece bikini that should be staple in everyone’s beach wardrobe. I’m going to talk you through your options and what’s best for your bust shape.

Smaller chest: Your traditionally trained stylist with tell you to go for something with ruffles or bows or something that has embellishment on the chest to accentuate your bust. To me that’s fine, but personally I am a much more minimal bikini wearer and I don’t ever wear bows or frills on anything. I would embrace not having a ridiculous amount of cleavage and opt for a super low cut bikini like this one which has padding in it. The beauty of not having out there cleavage means you can get away with this style without looking slutty. Another alternative is a style with a alot of panel detailing on the bust. Super fashion forward.

Bigger Chest: I’d say I fall into this category (being a DD) and although I love the high neck style it actually doesn’t make your chest look smaller or flatter your bust, but in fact tends to make it look bigger with more of a monoboob vibe. Unless that’s the look you’re going for then I’d suggest a low cut style, but not too low cut (because from experience your boobs fall right out!). I love backless styles and if you don’t feel like you need the ‘support’ then give this style a go but there are also plenty of one-piece styles that have the in-built bra with a much more conservative back.

Somewhere in between: You’re the babes that can get away with any of the above. Try a balconette style or one of these sexy front zip bikinis which you can adjust to whatever mood you’re in <insert winky face>

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

Island Life

rottnest-island-western-australia rottnest-island-western-australia rottnest-island-western-australia rottnest-island-western-australia rottnest-island-western-australia rottnest-island-western-australia rottnest-island-western-australia Seafolly Bikini Top | Seafolly Pants | Le Specs Sunglasses Neo Noir

I love this swimsuit because not only has it got the cutest stitch and binding detail but it has good support and coverage. I mean, finally a bikini you could actually swim in! I’m wearing a size 8 in the top and 10 in the bottom. Luckily you can buy separates because not every woman is the same in their top and bottom and due to the nature of this design you can’t adjust the straps or ties so the fit is really important!

This was shot on Rottnest Island, a cute little island just off of Western Australia, Perth. I’ll be writing more about that in a later post! I can’t wait to share those pics and stories.

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

Not Doing Sports in Sportswear

calvin-klein calvin-klein calvin-klein calvin-klein calvin-klein calvin-klein Calvin Klein Tee Shirt | Nike Premium Crew Neck Panel Sweatshirt | Nike Sneakers

As we were driving around Perth for a very specific desolate and isolated road we found the perfect one right next to a shipping yard, and for some reason there are very cute, pastel coloured shipping containers on the lot. Of course I had to ‘pretend’ to break in being the try-hard law abiding citizen I am. Nonetheless. The reason I have no pants on is because I didn’t have any. We didn’t plan this shoot and I had nothing with me but a bikini, my fave Nike sweater and my Calvin Klein tee but we have to take every photo op available. Perth is weird. It was kind of bikini weather kind of sweater weather. In future I will pack better. Lesson learnt.

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

Menulog turns 10!

pizza pizza As you are all aware I’m a bit of a foodie (that’s an understatement, I’m a huge bloody foodie) and I have every single food delivery app available because I love/ need my options haha. That’s why I’m so excited to share with you at one of the original food delivery services, Menulog, is turning 10!! That’s 10 years delivering food to your door! So you know they know what they’re doing. So to celebrate this I’ve teamed with Menulog to give my readers a $10 voucher off your order CN5SYP for your next Nextflix and Chill night in.

Today I’ve picked up a couple pizzas and even a nutella pizza for good measure from Supreme Pizza for lunch and damnnn it’s tasty!

Jessie x

High Riser

outfit outfit outfit outfit outfit outfit outfit Tobi Sunny Afternoon Cropped Tank | Set Free Palazzo Pants | Tobi Juno Clutch | Tobi Heels | Missguided Sunnies

I’m officially throwing out all of my low-waisted pants. Why was the year 2000 riddled with them?! I get it, Christina looked hot but they’re not actually flattering in any way, shape or form. They cut your body at your widest point (your hips) which just makes your body and legs look short.

The sad truth is that that trend will probably come back around in a couple years but until then I’m going to actually dress for my body type and that’s wearing high rise pants like these ones. Nothing looks better than accentuating the smallest part of your waist and showing off your curves in the right way. I’ve collaborated with Tobi to put this look together. It’s a funky crop top, palazzo pant number which is casual and head turning at the same time.

The ribbed crop with hook and eyelets are an homage to the sporty scene I love to tap into as well as adding a sexy lingerie feel to it with the eyelets. You can wear this crop with denim, a bomber and sneakers for a more casual vibe or these pants with a strapless bodice to dress it up or jersey t-shirt to dress it down.

Also, the tiny wallet clutch is making a lot of appearances. I love that is perfectly fits my iPhone 6S+, keys and cards! I love mini bags, the smaller the better! They’re so cute and so light. I rarely have big bags as I find I always put stuff I don’t actually need in it… spare sneakers in case you want to go running? sure. Candle in case you want to set the mood? Why not. Typewriter? in you go. #classicme

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

Boda Skins Review

nike-leather-jacket-public-desire nike-leather-jacket-public-desire nike-leather-jacket-public-desire nike-leather-jacket-public-desire nike-leather-jacket-public-desire nike-leather-jacket-public-desire Piper Lane Shorts | Boda Skins Leather Jacket | Nike Tank | Mesh Tee | Public Desire Boots | Colette by Colette Hayman Rose Gold Hoop Earrings

I’ve been seeing these Boda Skins leather jackets all over instagram and had to see if they’re really as good as everyone is talking about. And I’d say they are! The leather is soo soft, unlike my other fave leather jacket which took months to wear in, it’s still stiff but it holds a lot more structure I guess but this one which is made from Nappa sheep skin is so soft and I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on it.

As far as fit goes I wasn’t sure if I should get my true to size (8) or go up as size (10) because I tend to like things oversized sometimes and was told they fit snug but my other leather jacket is on the bigger side with tonnes of room to layer over hoodies and knits so I got true to size. So far I’ve worn it with a tank top under a thin knit and it fits well. It probably wouldn’t work so well under a hoodie, but I figured going into spring I won’t be doing so much layering anyway.

Is the price worth it? One of my first leather jackets was from Zara. It was made from lambskin and was about $250, I still love the design and wore it to death for years but looking back it’s not very warm to be honest. The last one I bought was from Neuw which is about $650 or so, it’s warm with layering, however it’s stiff as a mentioned so not super cosy in that sense. Nonetheless I did wear it about 100x this winter. This one is around $830, so although a bit more expensive than the others I love the details on the shoulder and the cuffs, the leather quality and attention to detail is amazing and it’s made in Turkey so depending on your budget I would definitely recommend this style or brand. My only fault is that the right lapel doesn’t sit down it has a tendency to stick up. Not the end of the world, though.

What’s awesome is that you can choose your hardware colour. My other jackets are gunmetal so I chose rose gold but if you’re looking to buy your first leather jacket I’d recommend a gunmetal hardware, you’ll get more wear out of it and it’s less blingy than silver or gold.

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan