careaux careaux careaux careaux careaux careaux careaux careaux Mom Jeans (also similar here) | Puma Suede Basket Careaux  (similar here)| Puma Bomber | Le Specs Sunglasses

Okay I dunno if I’m overkilling it here with this bomber but I have literally worn it everyday since I’ve got it. It’s sooo warm and kind of goes with everything in my wardrobe right now because it’s reversible so I can wear it as a black bomber or wear it with the print showing. The colour palette of the floral is working so well with my current wardrobe.

Also, if you haven’t yet got yourself a pair of clean, simple white or off-white sneakers for Spring then I think it’s about time you invest. It’s every ‘fashion’ girl’s staple piece, they’re wearing it with jeans, shorts, dresses and skirts. Super versatile! Nine times out of ten I’m more casual than anything so I’m just rocking my Pumas with my fave mom jeans.

Jessie x

Photography by Helen Driscoll

Puma x Careaux

careaux-nike-asos careaux-nike-asos careaux-nike-asos careaux-nike-asos careaux-nike-asos Nike Court | Puma Reversible Bomber Jacket (Pink/ Beige here) | Asos Jeans (Tall Here) | Le Specs Pharaoh Sunglasses (Gold here)

Mixing your sporty pieces with your non-sporty pieces (like denim) is what I’m all about right now. Think Hailey Baldwin and Kendall. This bomber is so dope, it’s a neat collab between illustrator Careuax and Puma, it’s fully reversible and I’ve been wearing it way more than I thought I would. It’s super warm too, I’m talking warm like a snow jacket and it’s perfect to layer over your sporty crop top for when you’re heading to the gym or just being a boss.

These mom jeans are great for balancing out the tiny-ness of the crop top, if you were to wear skinny jeans it might look slightly hoochie or maybe it’s just me that probably wouldn’t be able to pull it off. I also find that mom jeans or boyfriend jeans aren’t so tight at the waistline so you generally don’t have to deal with ‘muffin top’ yes all girls have this! even the ‘skinny’ ones. LOL. But make sure you keep the casual, sporty vibes with sneakers, anything else will look confusing.

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan


luluandrose-public-desire luluandrose-public-desire luluandrose-public-desire luluandrose-public-desire luluandrose-public-desire luluandrose-public-desire luluandrose-public-desire Covry Maia Marble SunglassesLulu and Rose Adrienne Knitted Top | Lulu and Rose Skirt | Public Desire Boots | YSL Bag

Perched on my face is the best fitting pair of sunnies ever. They’re especially designed with a elevated fit that sit on the bridge of your nose perfectly. This little knitted top and skirt number paired back with these slightly higher ankle boots are perfect for that transition out of winter season which I’m welcoming with open arms. I am loving the retro design on the sweater and fringing on the denim skirt. It’s a nice contrast and juxtaposition which we sometimes need in an outfit.

Here’s to warmer days in Sydney! :)

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan


oscar-wylee-asos oscar-wylee-asos oscar-wylee-asos oscar-wylee-asos oscar-wylee-asos oscar-wylee-asos Puma Metallic Logo Shirt | Asos Jeans Petite (Tall Here) | Puma x Rhianna Leadcat Fenty Faux Fur Slides | Oscar Wylee Glasses | Hair Cut and Colour by Barney Martin Hair

Totally milking the ‘Casual Friday’ vibe. Wearing mom jeans and what I’m pretty sure is a men’s tee of which I have no qualms – a tee is a tee and chicks can pull of guy’s tees!

I’m also rocking the Rhianna Fentys which are these faux fur slides. Totally a ‘trend’ piece but if it’s a trend piece as comfy as this then I’m on board. I ordered my size but they probably run on the bigger size so I wish I had sized down.

And this is legit: I had run out of contacts so I was just wearing my glasses with all intentions of taking them off for the shoot but instead kept them on just because it was easier (and because I could see). My brother later asked if I were wearing contacts and if the glasses were fake prescription.. Like no. Why and who would do that? Apparently there are people who do?!

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

How To Layer Fine Accessories

triwa triwa triwa triwa triwa triwa triwa Grana Cami (similar here) | Cotton On Jeans (similar here) | Colette by Colette Hayman Bag (similar here) | Triwa Sunnies | Triwa Mint Skala WatchBlack Boots | Double Chain Necklace | Erin Dana Choker | Samantha Wills Rings | Samantha Wills Bangle

Cami and jeans are I’d say a pretty basic look and it’s easy to achieve this look with the basics already in your wardrobe. The only way I’ve made this look different to almost all of my other cami/ jeans looks is by layering accessories. You’ll notice they’re not even chunky accessories but rather a lot of delicate pieces that make up a look that seems put together but messy at the same time (in a good way). Try experimenting with layering fine necklaces, midi rings and mixing metals & even adding some corded leather.

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

OTK Slay

winona-xoboutique winona-xoboutique winona-xoboutique Tony Bianco Ariette Boots | Winona Aura Dress

If you’ve been following my blog or insta for a while you’ll be well aware that my style is made up of sneakers, boots and over the knee (OTK) boots. As a self-appointed ambassador I’d like to extend to you an invitation to join the very sexy OTK boots club if you aren’t already in it. I often get told I have too much confidence for my own good and I even need to dial it down a little. But I’m not ‘too confident’ in a cocky way… I just think that when girls wear OTK boots it gives them an instant ‘look’ about them as though they don’t care about what anyone thinks because they’re slaying the sidewalks! That and they can be fashionable and warm at the same time (lol). In addition, OTK boots are leaps and bounds more comfortable than any other heels. Case and point.

Jessie x

Photography by Kate Boissett

How To Dress Down Bodycon

sunday-somewhere sunday-somewhere sunday-somewhere sunday-somewhere sunday-somewhere sunday-somewhere sunday-somewhere Camel Coat | Bodycon Skirt | Taylor and Belle Sweater | Nike Tennis Classic Sneakers | Sunday Somewhere Ned Sunglasses | Colette By Colette Hayman Bucket Bag | The Peach Box Twisted Nail Necklace

I love a good bodycon midi skirt, I’m talking LOVE. But sometimes you run the risk of looking too corporate or sexy when all you want to do is walk around the city and view the sites. In an effort to get out of jeans for once I paired this nude jersey midi skirt with a clean, fresh pair of leather Nikes to dress down the look and still look super FARSHUN. It works even if the top you’re wearing is figure hugging, but in this case I have a sweater on because it’s still winter here and cold af. Draping a long ass coat over the whole thing also really brings the ‘too sexy’ look down a notch but also raises the FARSHUN bar.

This hairstyle is also my ‘dirty hair’ hairstyle. So if you ever see me with a half up top knot you’ll know what’s up.

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

Is Active Swim In?

bondi-sands-bikini bondi-sands-bikini bondi-sands-bikini bondi-sands-bikini Missguided Mesh Bikini Set (white here) | Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Tan

One of the big trends I’m seeing this upcoming summer season is the Active Swim Trend. Basically this means you can actually go swimming in the bikini and not just dive under a wave and emerge from said wave clutching your boobs because your straps have untied (true story). It means you can do a class of hot yoga or yoga on the beach then cool off with a swim. It means you can pair one of those cute tops in the slider below with your favourite leggings or shorts and hit the gym. Do you now see how these are both practical and cute?

Luckily for me I spent the weekend at The Sydney Harbour Marriott and they have a gorgeous indoor swimming pool – perfect for a winter swim, the water was sooo warm and it was completely empty! I also felt it neccesary to add a layer of my new Bondi Sands Liquid Gold tanner. The formula doesn’t feel as ‘heavy’ or ‘sticky’ as their foam or lotion but it’s not as moisturising and needs to be applied more liberally, but the results are gorgeous and even once you’ve got the application down pat. Hot Tip: Use a tanning mitt!!!

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

How to Pull of Slouchy Casual

nike-seafolly-sunday-somewhere nike-seafolly-sunday-somewhere nike-seafolly-sunday-somewhere nike-seafolly-sunday-somewhere nike-seafolly-sunday-somewhere nike-seafolly-sunday-somewhere

Forever New Amelia Lace Trim Cami Top | Forever New Poppy Mid Rise Jeans | Women’s Tennis Classic Ultra Leather Sneakers | Plain White Tee Sunday Somewhere Ned Sunglasses | Samantha Wills Bracelet | Seafolly Mesh Cardigan

I wouldn’t say this is an outfit repeat but I’ve definitely worn jeans, a tee, cami and sneakers before. It’s such a go-to outfit when you want to keep it low key and just want to wear jeans and a slouchy tee but also want to layer to be like ‘Hey, at least I tried a little’. I’ve made it extra casual with my hair in a messy bun, cuffed jeans & slouchy cardi. Nothing too structured here today! Happy Friday!

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

Everyday Outfit

balenciaga balenciaga balenciaga balenciaga Black Denim Jacket | Black Denim Shorts | Chambray Shirt | Western Belt | Marc Bale Watch | Balenciaga Bag | Owndays Sunglasses

It’s easy to jazz up a simple, casual outfit like a shirt and denim jacket. What I’ve done is pulled up the collar, cuffed up with jacket sleeves twice, pushed the sleeves up a little and tugged out the chambray shirt from underneath. Note* I didn’t roll the chambray shirt cuff up. This is to avoid too much bulkiness. I didn’t want the shirt to be fully tucked in because it looked too top heavy with the oversized ‘boyfriend’ jacket so I did a half tuck with one half of the shirt which frames and separates the black jacket and denim shorts nicely. Add little black boots and hey you’ve got a simple, casual outfit that anyone can pull off!

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan